Cine-Roman Project MEDA101

The themes illustrated throughout were derived from the anxiety of different religions, as tweeted by William Gibson in various photos. Subsequently this led to the ideals of disillusion and entrapment of religion, focusing on how individuals fail to follow their religions principles, and instead their convictions are merely a foundation to serve one’s self interest.

Using my own sound piece and merging it with another, the falsification illustrated with the deity voice and the distorted sounds helps represent the disillusion and create the notion where the viewer perceives them as the false God illustrated through individuals own ideals instead of that of their religion.

Furthermore the use subjects such as fridges, alcohol and buckets were used to demonstrate the entrapment association. Ultimately to further interpret the dissolution of convictions, the statement across the naked body touches upon a rather harrowing subject of sexual abuse within religious organisations. With perpetrators often maintaining their image of servants of deities, until their self-interest becomes of greater significance.

Ultimately, we achieve the concepts through putting the viewer in the shoes of victims and false Gods to accomplish the feeling of disenchantment caused by ones belief of personal ideals being greater than that of their supposed divinity.


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