Global Networks: An Adaptive System.

Reflecting upon Hawthorne’s quote regarding society and humanity as a nerve within the system that is earth, allows for correlation to the ‘mind-body problem.’ In that these physical attributes that construct these networks being physical associations, have the ability to carry non-physical informational processes. Additionally the problem as to what happens to the informational products when the physical attributes that connect that network cease to exist.

Moreover through the rapid and growing expansion of networks gives though to the concept of a ‘global brain,’ in that we have surpassed a degree of individualisation (Phister, P. W. Jr. 2011). That a global brain becomes an adaptive system through decentralisation and the macro-structure, collective behaviour and individualised components ability to mutate accordingly (Gupta, A. Anish, S. 2012).



 Gupta, A. Anish, S. (2012) Insights from Complexity Theory: Understanding Organisations better, IIM Management Review, viewed 07.08.16 <;

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2 thoughts on “Global Networks: An Adaptive System.

  1. Really interesting post. With the continuing increase of technology as well as the expansion of networks its easy to see a global brain. Are you stating that the expansion can create the loss of individualism? Or that each individual adds to the ‘global brain’?
    The use of sources here were used very well to back up the ‘global brain’ concept. I would of loved if you spoke more on the way the network may cease to exist… (great meme!)


  2. I think you’ve taken a really interesting angle on this week’s topic by examining the philosophical aspect of the global nervous system. I found the concept of a global brain fascinating, especially in regards to it’s collective capacity. In many ways the distributed network is facilitative of a communal intelligence that had never been experienced before. Should you feel interested, I found this website really helpful in explaining the benefits and realities of a ‘global brain’ – I also thought your meme was a good reflection of the content of your blog.


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