3 thoughts on “Your thought process within the Walled Garden.

  1. Hey Sam,

    Just wanna say that your post was a fascinating summary of a “walled garden”. In my experience, I always associate the term with the DET Portal from High School, when they would always block sites that were deemed “inappropriate”. It’s interesting that you mention the idea of Google playing the role of an ‘online confessional’, as when you see the predicted questions Google raises, it does seem to reveal common concerns of others, as well as your own.

    Anyway, great post dude and really interesting Prezi 🙂


  2. I must say, I’ve never thought about using Prezi that way, but I really liked what you did. It’s simple and has a clear message: we all subconsciously buy in to the latest walled garden trends.
    I really appreciated your links to look further into what you were trying to say in your post. I also found your comparison of google to a confessional, where metadata is the priest interesting, and it gave me a different perspective to look at this topic from.
    In summary, great post which really highlights how small amounts of data, when aggregated can paint a very detailed picture.


  3. Love the comparison of online entities to the modern day confessionals. In regards to the excessive retention of user metadada, I have always followed the conservative approach of ‘If you dont have anything to hide, why should it bother you?’. However your blog clearly explained why we should be worried and the inequality of control certain media juggernauts can have. Great blog.


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