MEDA301 – Defining Practice + Field.

Being in the industry of running nightlife events under Sundown Collective throughout Wollongong, the associated field is event management and marketing. Due to events being high-involvement and transformational experiences, strong visual content is required for increasing intention of consumption (Percy, L. Rosenbuam-Elliot, R. 2012). Therefore graphic design primarily for these applicable events will be the pursed ‘professional practice.’

According to Percy, L. Rosenbuam-Elliot, R. (2012) Marketing is the exercise of communicating, creating and exchanging offerings from one party to another and building and sustaining relationships. Often marketing is mistaken for advertising, a component of marketing that can be illustrated as ‘a public announcement (usually in newspapers, posters or television)’ (Percy, L. Rosenbuam-Elliot, R. (2012). While marketing is often illustrated as a creative industries, due to its integration of economics, psychology, neuroscience and mathematics it can be defined as science.

Graphic design is the process of illustration, photography and typography produced for disclosure and problem-solving. According to Meggs, P. B. Purvis, A. W. (2011) speech was an early form of communication that allowed for the organisation and communication between Homo Sapiens. However due to limitations in human capacity to transcend time and space, verbal communication without some form of storage results in forgotten knowledge. Visual communication allowed for the application of knowledge to foster human development beyond immediate interaction (Meggs, P. B. Purvis, A. W. 2011). With written words and pictures having a close relationship due to the visual conveyance of ideas (Smith et al. 2004).

Graphic design is subject to that of sensory and sensori-emotional values. However with aesthetics dealing with the understanding of beauty, art and its appreciation makes it difficult to define a set practice of graphical design (Smith et al. 2004). While colour psychology demonstrates a degree of science throughout the process, due to the influence of aesthetics in graphic design – any set practice can be interpreted as subjective. 

revious I have pursued design in the form of memes through photoshop, however collaborative enterprise has led me to produce commercial posters as displayed:






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