Week Three: Hero/Practitioner in Your Field

Week 3 Research your hero: a practitioner in your field

Solomun is a producer and DJ situated in Europe. Beyond producing and playing music he operates the label Diynamic publishing other artists work, presenting showcases and festivals throughout Europe. Initially founding a small film production company Solomun initially pursued a film career before finding his passion in music.

Solomun foremost is considered a DJ, with his DJing career starting before the production, with his Boiler Room set now the most viewed instalment of Boiler Room, and comically compared to that of a Shakespearean Tragedy. Additionally he can be defined as an entrepreneur and ‘businessman’ with his Diynamic enterprise. The core value of Solomun and his Diynamic enterprise the motto do it yourself, rather than looking at competition an individual should focus on their strengths and utilise them (Diynamic, 2015).

Overall the Diynamic enterprise is labelled as a ‘family’ consisting of various artists, with Solomun focusing on the artist and repertoire focusing on the human management aspect of the business, stating that a large portion of his work is often on the plan or in the hotel (Bradford, S. 2016) and often utilising non-electronic musicians to play the bass lines or melodies noted in the production (Lambert, S. 2014). Additionally from an onlookers perspective the Diynamic business model is driven not by profits but by personal ambitio and artistic creation.

Without a doubt Solomun’s popularity and success developed after his appearance for the Boiler Room. Within the dance scene when an artist showcases their talent through Boiler Room they generally are perceived to have ‘made it.’ The Boiler Room is an platform that televises music scenes across the world, allowing consumers to share and explore music infrastructure not directly associated with their own culture. The communal application by Boiler Room has allowed for a mass audience to subscribe to an alternative scene (Boiler Room, About).

On a personal level the do it yourself motto resonates with me as I believe rather than relying on others to develop opportunities and experience for you, to construct those characteristics yourself through calculated risk and literally doing it yourself. This is illustrated as ‘entrepreneurship bias’ in which individuals exhibit positive bias towards finding new opportunities and market needs, with Zhang and Cueto (2015) stating that most decisions made by entrepreneurs are intractable. This bias can be defined as the digression from rational thinking as noted with the picture below:

According to Knight, F. (2005) this bias reflects that of risk, with entrepreneurs putting financial, career and social security on the line in the process of an uncertain idea. Moreover flow is a significant process in entrepreneurship, something often associated with producing and DJing. Flow is the mental application in which the individual is fully absorbed into the activity, allowing for complete enjoyment and focus. Csikszentmihalyi, M. (2009) argues that this period of flow is what produces innovative products, however internal motivation is a primary driver for such achievements. 


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