Inequalities in Information Access

As societies consumption of news via the Internet increases, Facebook has become the main source of news for many consumers. According to Barthel et al. this rise has come from users encountering more news rather than a growing user base. However Yoo, W. S. Gil de Zúñiga, H. state that Facebook interacts with knowledge acquisition, increasing the knowledge of political and societal for users with higher levels of education, but low-educated users fail to gain any knowledge of such issues.

The need for cognition (NFC) determines the the consequence, with users demonstrating a high NFC being less inclined to consume Facebook news. Thus the quantity of exposure to news content, but failing to read such articles, fosters the feeling of being informed. Low NFC makes the substitution of Facebook for outside news sources more likely. This is relevant to to Dunning-Kruger Effect.



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