MEDA301 Project Pitch

For the presentation pitch I aim to explore the communication between presence, object and space through sound and light technology; otherwise known as the vibe or aura. Consequently understanding the relationship between the vibe of the artist and the vibe of the consumer, and how presence determines that connection. According to Lee et al. (2004) presence can be defined as spatial and non-spatial. Utilising sound and visual technology I aim to target non-spatial presence, developing the feeling of being ideational’ or the construct of a story, in this case the vibe that the artist produces through audio/visual hardware and software.

Practical approaches can include utilising programs such as Ambify. By recording a mix utilizing Pioneer hardware and software I can run the waveforms from Audacity through Ambify, a sound to visualiser application, develop the vibe of sound through light without the audience being able to hear the music. Another option is to expand beyond non-spatial presence and to spatial presence is to meet the following criteria (how this is achieved is subject to further work):


In order to achieve that installation of visual into goggles or mask, removing the ability for an individual to experience the outer world. To further enhance environmental factors, rather than silence have some aspect of sound attached to the mask and have the audience listen to a live mix, allowing the visuals to follow what sound information is being sent in real time. In order to construct the project (through rough guidance from Khan Academy), we need to take the input signal and transmit it into a time-varying light signal. Within this we have a circuit that has a 9 volt battery and 470 ohm resistor. However a battery stronger than 9 volts in likely required.

Another MVP to explore the self and self-realisation in relation through sound and light. Diagram:



The self is the integration of the conscious and the unconscious, and the construct of individuation (Henderson, J. L 1978). Through sound and light we can distort one’s consciousness through its impact upon a submerged mirror. Allowing for the individual to go through ‘self-realisation’ as the ‘knowing between body, soul and mind.’ One concept to explore further would be agency within the self, as to what choices that individual takes (Baumeister, R. F. Bushman, B. J. 2011) this could be achieved through designing the features of the mirror, sound or visuals to be engaging and manipulative – this however needs further work.

Baumeister, R. F. Bushman, B. J. (2011) The Self.” Social Psychology and Human Nature. 2nd ed. Belmont, CA: Cengage Learning, 2011, viewed 02.04.17

Henderson, J. L. (1978) Ancient Myths and Modern Man: Man and his Symbols, viewed 30.03.17 

Lee et al. (2004) Formation of Spatial Presence: By Form or Content? University of Souther California, LA, viewed 02.04.17 <>







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