The Law of Content

The concept of property extends beyond tangible products and into intangible manifestations (software and commerce, such as Facebook), protecting the expression of an idea. Due to rapid innovation following the digital revolution, copyright of code has become increasingly lucrative. However issues arise in copyright of digital media:

  1. The ability of media, or content to reproduce itself.
  2. The ease in which it can be transmitted (Illustrated by Dawkins, R. Meme Gene).
  3. The simplicity to modify and replicate.
  4. ‘The equivalence of works in digital form’
  5. ‘The compactness of digital media work’
  6. The ability digital spheres have in developing new space and material.

With a vast number of business models built upon content sharing is beginning to challenge brands boundaries of intellectual property law. With questions concerning the legal status of memes or hashtags, as demonstrated by the 6 million dollar lawsuit regarding a pharmacy chain sharing a celebrity’s picture.

Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 11.45.40 am


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