MEDA Journal Week 8 – Multi Sensory Interaction

Multisensory integration is the process in which sensory input, through the nervous system, informs the individual’s concept of the external environment (Stein et al. 2009). Multisensory interaction will form the core concept of our MEDA project.

Subjects such as Immersion, Distortion and Curiosity have been discussed:

From previous MEDA research, immersion is subject to a series of sensory interactions through the concept of spatial presence. For individuals to transcend beyond their physical presence and develop a relationship within the digital environment is defined as spatial presence; the occurrence when media produces ‘a sense of being there.’ This arises when an individual’s perception fails to differentiate the role of technology that makes it appear that they are in an artificial environment rather from the actual physical environment. (Wirth et al. 2007).

Wirth demonstrates two steps are required for the experience of spatial presence. With the first step being a mental-model of the mediated circumstances that understands information relative to space and attention allocation all determine the precursor for spatial presence through the Spatial Situation Model (SSM).

  • Media Factors: persistence, realism


  • Process Components: the mediated environment meets the user’s needs and interests.
  • User Actions: involvements and beliefs
  • User Factors: motivation


Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 11.37.25 am

Practical concepts include what develops from curiosity such as reward. We explored curiosity and reward through developing a series of interacting senses (projector, mirror, sound and confined space) to research the concept of distortion and social media. Exploring the concept of whether social media is a distorted construct of reality, or rather an extension. However following the installation we determined that it was just an attempt to integrate every form of sensory interaction and hoping for some response.




Stein, B. E. Stanford, T. R. Rowland, B. A. (2009) The Neural Basis of Multisensory Intergration in the Midbrain: Its organisation and maturity, NCBI, viewed 01.05.17 <>

Wirth, W. (2007) A Process Model of the Formation of Spatial Presence Experiences, Media Psychology Volume 9, viewed 01.05.17 <>


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