MEDA Week 10 – Expanding and Issues

Moving further with the concepts of distortion of space, visuals and sounds we further explored the concept of multisensory interactions through faces and sounds. Building on the concept we addressed aesthetic issues of black cloth to separate the visuals rather than large paper, increased focused on facial representation through lighting. Furthermore instead of sounds, we recorded poetry using Audacity we influenced the pitch and panned the audio to influence the perceptual response by the brain in the noted space.

The group at this point is struggling to develop a direction, attempting to build on components that we previously determined should be disregarded moving forward. I perceive the group to exhibit too much planning, asking questions as to what meaning is there in this, or what are we trying to develop from this rather than meaning stemming from the artistic process. With considerations to the number of individuals, there are obvious issues with group dynamics.


Sound mechanism



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