The Reputation System of Online Personas.

The influence of social media on human behaviour is so important to state interests, that corporation Ntrepid was awarded a $2.76 million contract with Central Command in the US. The ‘Operation Earnest Voice’ (OEV) program is developed to those outside the US as an impression of real personas, but in reality are fake social accounts. This is known as state-sponsored sock puppetry, a construct of game theory that impacts reputation systems.

Reputation systems rely on the collection and dissemination of an entity’s reputation to increase the value of X – however such value is the sum of the party’s reputation. However according to Nisan et al. phantom feedback is one of the leading concerns towards reputation systems, in which a party produces feedback for interactions that never occur through the use of sock puppets. Thus transparent reputations reduce adverse selections, allowing for sock puppets to create value in perception. 

Here’s a Remediation on how a user can frame a political issue, and blend it with a meme to impact reputations to favour a particular agenda.



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