In Industry Consolidation, Data is King.

According to Bierdman, E. Senk, M. digital media has allowed for the the industry consolidation of Advertising Technology, reducing traditional intermediaries of agencies. In 2017 Digital advertising sales are forecast to be the primary media platform, demonstrating a market share of 40 per cent ($202 Billion) growing to 50 per cent ($299 Billion) by 2021. With the digital marketing ecosystem increasing in competitors, a company’s success is dependant on its pace to progress through the stages of consolidation – in which data is king.

Bierdman, E. Senk, M. state that consolidation success is dependant on the capacity of a firm to demonstrated closed loop attribution from impression to consumption.

  • Cloud and mobile technology allows for the ability to link households to promotions and touchpoints.
  • Integration from POS links data from purchases.